Modern Mummification

Symbol of Ra

and Transference


Certain documents should be completed.

In order that we may provide the rites of Mummification of Transference to you, certain documents should be completed. The documents and their explanations are presented here for your review.

  • Spiritual Will Guide

    A Spiritual Will is a necessary part of Mummification as it outlines the things you want read to you during your Transference. Your Spiritual Will is used as a guide to assist you in moving on to the next destination of your existence. It includes things you hold dear that you feel will help you make your journey. This guide will help you to write your Spiritual Will.

  • Last Will and Testament

    You must prepare a Last Will and Testament. Our Mummification services are performed according to the instructions in your Will. As in the example Last Will and Testament, you should indicate your exact wishes with regards to your funeral and Mummification. Summum is ethically and morally obligated to follow the funeral instructions of your Will.

  • Power of Attorney

    The Power of Attorney makes it possible for us, on your behalf, to carry out the instructions detailed in your Last Will and Testament. If you want Summum to take care of these matters, complete and sign a Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney can be cancelled at any time should you choose to cancel it.

  • Body Release

    To prevent any member of your immediate family disputing your intentions to be mummified, two (2) copies of a Body Release should be signed by all members of your immediate family (i.e. parents, grandparents, siblings & children). One copy is retained by you, the other is sent to Summum. Should a family member refuse to sign, an attorney can advise you on how to proceed in obtaining a Court Order preventing any family members from intervening.

  • Insurance Policy Declaration

    If you decide to arrange for your donation through an insurance policy, an Insurance Policy Declaration must be completed. The monthly insurance premiums are paid by you to your insurance company. Summum should be designated as the owner and beneficiary of the policy. This allows Summum immediate access to the funds from the death benefit at the time of your passing as set forth in your Will. Summum receives no money until your death and uses the funds from the insurance policy as instructed in your Will.