Modern Mummification

Symbol of Ra

and Transference

A Mummiform®

...or a Traditional Burial Casket

[Mummiforms in a Sanctuary]

The sarcophagus creates the final, protective layer for your mummified body, and it plays an integral part in the rites of the Mummification process. The Mummiform is a metal sarcophagus that can be inscribed with symbols and text. It may be thought of as an art form casket.

Gifted artisans design each Mummiform to exact specifications. It incorporates a "life mask" and can be adorned with the symbology of any religious or philosophical belief that you may hold. Everything is created in exact accordance with your wishes, as set forth in your pre-need arrangement.

[The Egyptian]

The Mummiform® is
an Art Form Casket

It is first sculpted in clay, then a mold is taken, and finally, the sarcophagus is cast in 1/4 inch bronze or stainless steel. The surface of the sarcophagus may be left as a polished surface, or intricately inscribed with text. It may be inlaid with gold, ceramics, or jewels.


In place of the sarcophagus, you may choose a traditional burial casket. The casket must be a full couch 48oz. bronze or full couch stainless steel casket.

The Batesville burial caskets shown below are examples of such caskets and are available through the funeral home you select to help you coordinate your arrangements.

Batesville Promethean
Batesville Promethean, 48oz. Bronze
© Batesville Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.
Batesville Millenium
Batesville Millenium, Stainless Steel
© Batesville Used with permission. All Rights Reserved.

Your indelible effigy is hermetically sealed within a capsule case that is then placed inside the casket.