Modern Mummification
and Transference

Spiritual Will

for Pets & Animals

When making Mummification arrangements for your pet or animal, it is necessary that you draft a Spiritual Will. This is a very personal thing between you and your pet, and every pet's Spiritual Will will be different. We have provided some guidelines to help you write a Spiritual Will for your pet.

Summum feels that all life has an essence that begins a journey upon the death of its body. The start of this journey signals the beginning of a transition to a new destination. To help make this transition easier for your pet, it is important and necessary that you compile and put into written form those things which you wish to have read to him or her while Summum conducts its Mummification and Transference. Your pet's essence will be fully aware of things going on and the Spiritual Will will play an important role during its Transference.

What you write should entail things that you felt "special" about your pet. It could be a poem which describes your feelings for him or her. You might write a retrospective of the life you shared.

What is your pets destination? This depends on you. For instance, you may feel that you will share another life together, or perhaps your friend will go to a heaven. Whatever you feel your pet’s destination to be, write of those things which will help him or her reach it. Remember, your pet is on a journey so you should write things that will keep its attention focused and calm.

Another point to consider is the environment or "milieu" that is around the body of your pet as the Spiritual Will is recited. Maybe your pet had a special blanket or toy. Perhaps it enjoyed a favorite treat or snack. Maybe it had a favorite bowl. We recommend you send such items to Summum so that we may place them close to your pet during the Mummification and Transference. Some items we may be able to include with your pet inside its Mummiform. Please inquire with us as to what is possible. Again, these should be things that have particular meaning to you and your pet and will provide ease and comfort to its essence.

Whatever you choose, the act of writing a Spiritual Will can provide comfort and closure to both you and your pet. It is a wonderful gesture and monument to the life of a friend who gave you unconditional love.