Modern Mummification

Symbol of Ra

and Transference


The final resting place of your sarcophagus or casket is important.


We recommend you be enshrined in a sanctuary/mausoleum or cemetery space that will prevent freezing and not get too warm. This may be accomplished with existing sanctuaries/mausoleums in memorial parks and cemeteries. A suitable sanctuary/mausoleum should not allow the inside temperature to drop below freezing or rise above 72° F (22° C), e.g. an underground sanctuary/mausoleum or a heated/cooled mausoleum.

The Wilbert Bronze ®
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You may choose to have your sarcophagus or burial casket sealed in a triple-reinforced protective vault (such as The Wilbert Bronze®) and buried in a cemetery of your choice. The vault must be buried deep enough that it will prevent freezing if the cemetery is located in an area that experiences cold weather.

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