Modern Mummification

Symbol of Ra

and Transference

Overview of Your Care

Unparalleled care is taken with your body and your essence.

The following outlines how you are cared for through Summum's Modern Mummification service:

  • Once you have passed away, your body is transported to the funeral home that was designated by you or your family. There it is prepared to accommodate any viewing or funeral service you may want, and in a manner conducive to your Mummification.

  • Following the funeral services, the funeral home transports your body to our sanctuary where we conduct the rites of your Mummification and Transference.

    Note: Once your body is received by Summum, no family member or any other person will be able to see your body again. This is to ensure that the temple officiants can perform and complete the Mummification and Transference without interference and in accordance with Summum’s principles.

  • Upon completion, your body is sealed inside your sarcophagus or casket.

  • The sarcophagus or casket is then laid to rest in a sanctuary or mausoleum or buried in a vault in the cemetery of your choice.

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