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Over the years, Summum has done numerous interviews with those in the media who have been interested in presenting stories about our unique service. We've always tried to accomodate the media when we can, although, we are not always able to do so.

For media inquiries, please see our main website.

Image Library

The images below are the copyright of Summum and represent various trade and servicemarks of Summum. These images are available for use and reproduction provided that you accept the outlined conditions:

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"Victor" & Cat Mummiform ®
victor.jpg (640 x 511 38.6Kb)
victorhires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1123Kb)

"Buster" & Cat Mummiform ®
buster.jpg (640 x 604 67.6Kb)
busterhires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1458Kb)

Cat Mummiform ®
catform.jpg (640 x 754 108Kb)
catformhires.jpg (1182 x 1392 332Kb)

Corky Ra & "Oscar"
corky.jpg (640 x 618 84.2Kb)
corkyhires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1587Kb)

"Butch" (Mummified Doberman Pinscher)
butch.jpg (456 x 640 45Kb)
butchhires.jpg (2048 x 3072 1217Kb)

mummies.jpg (640 x 443 65.8Kb)
mummieshires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1503Kb)

Miniature Mummy Mausoleum Sanctuary
min.jpg (640 x 488 57.6Kb)
minhires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1101Kb)

Golden Mummiform ®
mumform.jpg (360 x 640 46Kb)
mumformhires.jpg (2048 x 3072 1697Kb)

Note: When using the image of the Golden Mummiform, you must include the following verbiage next to it:

Image represents a service and trademark of Summum.

Inside Velvet Lining
mumform2.jpg (391 x 640 50.8Kb)
mumform2hires.jpg (2048 x 3072 1076Kb)

Mausoleum Sanctuary Room
maus.jpg (640 x 467 41.8Kb)
maushires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1359Kb)

Mountain Mausoleum Sanctuary
maus2.jpg (640 x 424 51Kb)
maus2hires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1500Kb)

Mausoleum Sanctuary Cubicle
maus3.jpg (431 x 640 47.3Kb)
maus3hires.jpg (3072 x 2048 1376Kb)

"Time Capsule"
capsule.jpg (450 x 846 90Kb)
capsule2.jpg (774 x 802 141Kb)

Making a Life Mask

Modeled by Su Menu
(444 x 640 55.4Kb)
(2048 x 3072 1410Kb)

(424 x 640 46.6Kb)
(2048 x 3072 1269Kb)

(640 x 433 52Kb)
(3072 x 2048 1379Kb)

(640 x 440 62.8Kb)
(3072 x 2048 1398Kb)

(640 x 434 62.2Kb)
(3072 x 2048 1417Kb)

(640 x 432 63Kb)
(3072 x 2048 1373Kb)

(640 x 471 55.9Kb)
(3072 x 2048 1451Kb)

(640 x 431 72.2Kb)
(3072 x 2048 1537Kb)