Modern Mummification

Symbol of Ra

and Transference

Making Personal Choices...

Some decisions are too important to leave to anyone else.

No one, no matter how close they are to you, thinks just like you or knows your innermost wishes. That is why your most intimate wishes should not be left to anyone else.

Despite the diversity in today's modern age, our choices may leave us feeling limited or incomplete. We yearn for something more, something which we feel comfortable with, something that appeals to our sense of care and lasting peace of mind, and with which we may feel secure.


The finest must be permanent, enduring, and timeless. It must have qualities of beauty, care, love, integrity, and protection. It must leave us feeling pleased and content with the choice we have made.

One such choice is:

  Eternal Memorialization
  through Modern Mummification

Whether it be the practice of an ancient civilization or the subject of examination by a modern day culture, Mummification has always been held in the highest esteem by society. It was common among early cultures, most notably for religious reasons. With the onset of the Dark Ages and the plagues, the art of Mummification began to diminish until finally, this form of care ceased. Looking back in time, it was a practice that extended around the world.

Still, we find ourselves attracted to the role Mummification has played throughout history and the significance it has carried throughout time. It touches something deep within our esoteric being. History shows us what great concern Mummification expressed in the final care of one of nature's most beautiful creations: the human being.