Modern Mummification

Symbol of Ra

and Transference

Mummification Costs

The rites of Modern Mummification are extensive. Consequently, the costs are significant, but it can be affordable through proper planning.

Because Mummification is a very elaborate, detailed, thorough, and lengthy process, it incurs extensive costs. And because we are a 501(c)(3) organization, we ask for a donation so that we can make this tradition available to you.

Modern Mummification costs are integrated into at-need or pre-need arrangements.

  • Mummification: The current costs for Mummification services are $67,000 within the continental United States.

  • Sarcophagus/Burial Casket: You have the option of choosing an artistic Mummiform, or a capsule Mummiform along with a full couch burial casket. Artistic Mummiforms vary widely in cost, from tens of thousands of dollars to well over a hundred thousand dollars depending on how elaborate it is.

    As an alternative, you may select a capsule Mummiform that is placed inside a full couch 48oz. bronze or full couch stainless steel burial casket. Your local funeral home can inform you of current costs for such a casket.

The overall cost of your funeral and Mummification services can vary greatly and depends on the selections you make. Things to consider are the type of funeral service you would like, the Mummification process, the sarcophagus or casket, and the sanctuary or mausoleum. Rather than a sanctuary or mausoleum, you may choose to have your sarcophagus or burial casket sealed in a triple-reinforced protective vault (such as The Wilbert Bronze®), and buried in a cemetery of your choice.

Everyone has different financial considerations. We recommend you contact your local funeral home and speak with a counselor. They can discuss with you what options and arrangements are available and what they will cost. And by planning ahead, your funeral and Mummification service can be affordable.

Pre-need planning is highly recommended. By enrolling in pre-need services with your local funeral home, you can rest assured that your loved ones will not be burdened with either the need to make plans or to handle a bill. Advanced planning is economical and makes sense.

Our suggestion is that you make pre-need arrangements with a funeral home of your choice for funeral services, and arrange your donation for Mummification of Transference through a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy can be arranged whereby you make affordable monthly payments.

Please note, we only accept your donation for providing our rites to you at the time of your passing. In addition, we make no guarantee that we will provide these rites when the time comes. Therefore, we recommend that you make alternative plans in the event we cannot accommodate you.

† The price reflects the cost for the mummification of your body under normal circumstances. It is subject to change. The price may increase for special circumstances, such as very large adults, etc. Summum reserves the right to refuse Mummification services (rites) under certain conditions. Please contact Summum with any questions.