Modern Mummification
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Steps to Mummify Your Small Pet


[Cat Mummification]

Would you like your beloved companion, who has passed on, to be mummified? It's a straightforward process. Here is what you need to do to have your bird, cat, or small dog (or any small animal up to 30 pounds) mummified.


Contact us and let us know of your plans to have your beloved family friend mummified. Provide us with your contact information so that we can be in communication with you from the very beginning.

Prepare the Animal

  • Obtain a watertight container such as a cooler large enough to hold your pet lying on a bed of ice.
  • If the animal is dirty, please wash and clean him.
  • Place your pet in a plastic bag.
  • Fill the container with as much ice as possible but leave enough room so that you can place your pet on top of the ice. Do not use dry ice.
  • Place a towel on top of the ice and lay your pet on top of the towel. Then cover your pet with another towel.
  • Close the container securely.

As an alternative, until it comes time for transport, you may keep the animal in a refrigerator if possible and appropriate. We do not recommend freezing the animal as freezing breaks down tissue cells.

Spiritual Will, Arrangement Form, and Donation

A Spiritual Will, Mummification Arrangement Form, and Donation must be received by Summum before you send your pet to us.

Once we receive the documents and donation, we will review everything to make sure things are in order. Then we will have you transport your pet to us.


Note: These instructions are for domestic transportation. For international transportation, please contact us.

  1. If necessary, pour any melted ice out of the container and add new ice.
  2. Close the container and secure it using strapping tape (see the diagram below).
  3. We recommend that you transport your animal to us using the United States Postal Service as they will ship dead animals.
  4. You will need to package the cooler inside a cardboard box with a water absorbent cushioning material. Follow these packaging guidelines provided by the US Postal Service:

    A proper refrigerant is used as follows:

    - Water ice. When water ice is used as a refrigerant, it must be packed like a liquid in a sealed, waterproof primary receptacle. The primary receptacle must be surrounded by absorbent cushioning material in a quantity sufficient to take up all water in the event of leakage. The primary receptacle and cushioning material must be securely packed within an outer (shipping) packaging.

    For the most recent guidelines from the US Postal Service, see Publication 52 on their website.

  5. Securely affix a label with our address on the packaging.
  6. Have the container shipped to us using next day delivery. (You are responsible for shipping costs both to and from Salt Lake City, Utah. Return shipping costs will vary depending on the weight of your pet once sealed within the Mummiform).
  7. As an alternative shipping service, try UPS. However, please note that in our experience, they may or may not ship your animal. We recommend contacting them first before taking your animal to them.

  8. Call or email us to let us know your pet is on the way.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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