Modern Mummification

Symbol of Ra

and Transference

A Memorial

...that will stand the test of time.

Because of its nature, Modern Mummification requires much more time than traditional and ordinary embalming (a minimum of 90 days). It is thorough and detailed, but well worth the effort, for the result represents the ultimate personal transformation and enduring memorial.

Nevertheless, Modern Mummification is easily integrated with the services available through funeral homes worldwide. And equally important, it is compatible with any philosophy or religion that you may have. Modern Mummification does not represent a break with current tradition, it can only complement it. It may very well return us to our original tradition.

Extensive time and research has brought to fruition a contemporary version of this unparalleled, unprecedented, and extraordinary practice. As a result, Summum is the only organization in the world that can perform and oversee this process of Permanent Preservation.

If you are interested in Modern Mummification for yourself or a loved one, please contact Summum.